Non-Alcoholic IPA Reviews Redux

A little while back I wrote up some reviews of non-alcoholic IPAs.  The first set or reviews is here, and none of them beat Athletic Brewing’s – Run Wild IPA, my favorite from last time (though two come close).

As far as the beers themselves, first off, these are all way better than O’Douls, Kaliber, etc.  I would drink my least favorite of these any day before I ever ordered another Kaliber.  

Once things are back to normal and we can go out again, I do hope that restaurants and bars start to expand their selection to sell some of these brews.  And though I didn’t like all of the ones I have tried, some of them are great, and I am glad that all of them are creating a product that has been missing in the marketplace.

Over the next few months I also am thinking about trying some more of the non-alcoholic gins that are out there.  So maybe we’ll see a review of those at some point.

Pilot Program Single Hop IPA
Available at: Athletic Brewing
Probably $12.99 per six pack (not currently available), free shipping on orders of two or more six packs

This is now the third Athletic product I have tried.  It is hard to top their flagship Run Wild IPA, but this is still a high quality beverage.  It doesn’t have the same full body, but still maintains a subdued refreshing bitterness.  It has an aroma of grapefruit which is enjoyable, without being overpowered by a grapefruit taste.  If you want a good variety of brews to try (and this one come back around) it is worth checking out.

Milkshake IPA
Available at: Surreal Brewing
$12.99 per six pack

Interesting flavor bouquet. Has a strong flavor of cloves with hints of vanilla. Wouldn’t really compare it to a milkshake more of a chai tea latte.  Also lacks a little in fullness. It was a nice change of pace from the more typical IPAs.

Juicy Mavs Hazy IPA
Available at: Surreal Brewing
$12.99 per six pack

I do really like the main hop flavor on this one. It has the right mix of citrus and bitter and has been my favorite of the three Surreal products I have tried. However, it really is just that one flavor, so it lacks the complexity of a typical IPA. I’d definitely get this again if it was readily available locally, but I’d probably opt for the Milkshake IPA if I was going to order through the mail.

Partake IPA
Available at: Partake Brewing
$55 per twenty-four pack, includes shipping

This one tastes like a flat grapefruit soda. Not a fan.

Intentional IPA
Available at: Wellbeing Brewing Company
$10.99 per four pack (pints)

I saved the best for last. The Intentional IPA ios now second favorite. Like Athletic Brewing’s “Run Wild” it reminds me of real IPA, though more citrusy and bit lighter.  I also am a big fan that it comes in pint cans. Usually, I do prefer something richer and deeper, especially during a winter’s day, but this is a great option as the summer nears and has become a regular purchase.


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