Recommendations Concerning Regional Idling Strategy in the OTR

Title: Recommendations Concerning Regional Idling Strategy in the OTR
Organization: OTC Mobile Source Committee, Idling Workgroup
Publication Date: October 30, 2017
Roles: Primary Author and Analyst
Executive Summary:

The OTC charged the Mobile Source Committee at the 2016 Fall Meeting to “develop a recommendation [for a regional idling strategy] which should be based on the principles of the Best Practices document adopted by OTC in 2015.” This paper is intended to weigh several options for such a program and put forth a recommendation of what should be pursued.
The options to be considered:
1. Truck Stop Electrification (TSE) expansion
2. Electric Transport Refrigeration Units (eTRU)
3. Port strategies
4. Locomotive idling
5. Nonroad Idling model rule adoption
6. Idling reduction commitments
7. Enforcement/regional governmental body education efforts
8. Regional owner/operator education efforts

None of these options alone will solve the problem of unnecessary idling. A successful set of policies will require engineering solutions, education of owners/operators, and enforcement of regulations in tandem. There are additional technological solutions that were discussed in OTC’s Overview of Efforts to Reduce Idling in the Ozone Transport Region, but a nationwide approach to adoption of a one-size fits all technology for individual tractor trailers, trains, etc. would be beyond the scope of these recommendations which are focused regionally.

After discussions with stakeholders, review of documents, and other research the following recommendations were developed for each option. Since states each have their own vehicle fleet mixes, priorities, and limitations they are listed in no set order of priority.

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