Here are links to some of the coding projects I have up on Git Hub.


ERTAC has developed the Energy Generating Unit (EGU) Projection Tool which can be used to grow base year (BY) hourly EGU air emissions inventories into future years (FY). The purpose of this is to inform air quality impact assessment on both annual and episodic peak bases. The tool uses BY hourly US EPA Clean Air Markets Division (CAMD) data, fuel-specific growth rates, and state-provided information such as retirements and controls to estimate future emissions.  For more information visit


I have contributed several of version of this code base, but am not the original coder.


r4moves is an R library that I developed to more easily access the underlying databases relied on for EPA’s MOVES.  It includes tools to access the input and output tables joined with appropriate look up tables, manipulate the tables, create MOVES XML rusnpecs, run MOVES inline.    It is a work in progress, but fairly stable.  It is not yet up on CRAN, but the intention is to post it there in early 2021.